About Zen Sense

  • Zen sense is working towards building partnerships with people from diverse backgrounds, who are willing to work with rural communities, Enable them develop skills which can be applied in real life. We wish to collaboratively work with Artists, Experiential Educators, Outdoor Educators, Rock Climbers, Wellness Coach, Life skills Coach, Soft Skills Coach, NLP Coach, Story tellers, Puppeteers, Wild life Conservators, Researchers, Special Educators, Doctors, Classroom Educators, Corporate Organizations, Theatre Artists, Counselors, Sports coaches, Business Leaders, Trainers, Therapists and many more to add value for overall learning experiences of rural youth and children.

  • Zen Sense Approach

  • We design programs keeping your requirements and is centered on action for learning that in turn leads to action. Our program is designed on the principle of observation, discovery of learning by thinking and Learning by doing.

Zen Sense is training consulting outfit for Educational Institutions, Corporate, Consulting firms,

NGO’s and Communities in Rural Karnataka,

Zen Sense is on mission to create a unique platform to offer various learning events,

we work with Children, Youth, Educators, Parents, Professionals, Individuals and Communities.